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Family Care

We offer a complete range of comprehensive family dental care, from simple cleanings to sedation.

Prophylaxis (Teeth Cleaning)

A prophylaxis dental appointment provides preventive treatment to thoroughly clean the teeth. Attending your regular prophylaxis appointment will keep your mouth healthy.

Oral Cancer Screening

During our regular checkups, we perform an oral cancer screening to evaluate your mouth, tongue, and neck for lumps and other abnormalities.

Tooth-Colored Fillings

Composite fillings use a tooth-colored resin to fill in cavities. As a result, fillings blend in naturally with the rest of your mouth.

Periodontal Treatment

Periodontal treatment (deep cleaning) removes tartar (buildup) from the pockets around the teeth, helping prevent bone loss and restoring healthy gums.

Wisdom Tooth Removal

Being one of the most common dental procedures, we recommend this outpatient surgery when wisdom teeth may be causing pain, infection, or are expected to cause future dental issues. Extraction involves the removal of a tooth due to decay, gum disease, or trauma.

Dental Sealants

Dental sealant is applied onto the tooth enamel to protect teeth from plaque, decay, and subsequent cavities for up to ten years with normal chewing.

Sedation Dentistry

To help patients relax and rest easy during treatment, we offer oral sedation and nitrous oxide.

Tooth Extractions

A simple tooth extraction involves the removal of a tooth due to decay, disease, or trauma.

Orthodontic Solutions

As a board-certified orthodontist, Dr. Hong’s extensive training and experience allows her to craft beautifully straight smiles patients will love to share. Because every smile is unique, she creates an orthodontic strategy designed to achieve the best smile possible for each and every patient.

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Cosmetic dentist showing porcelain veneers to a patient

Cosmetic Solutions

Our team of meticulous professionals deliver beautifully tailored cosmetic solutions uniquely designed to fit you and your smile.

Dental Implants

Whether you are missing one or multiple teeth, dental implants can provide you with a durable, natural-looking tooth replacement solution.

Professional Teeth Whitening

Faster. Fresher. Brighter. Our professional whitening treatment is more effective than over-the-counter options. Your refreshingly whiter smile awaits.

Composite Bonding

Designed to match your natural tooth color, composite bonding beautifully repairs chipped or cracked teeth, reduces gaps or spaces between teeth, and hides discoloration or faded areas on the tooth’s surface.

Porcelain Veneers

The quickest way to a stunning Hollywood smile, porcelain veneers are perfectly designed and crafted to transform your smile.

Restorative Treatments

Enjoy our wide range of restorative options that allow us to replace missing teeth, eliminate pain, restore beauty, all while improving function and comfort.

Dentist reviewing treatment plan for oral rehabilitation with patients

Dental Implants

Whether you are missing one tooth or multiple teeth, dental implants with our team offers a permanent and natural looking tooth replacement solution.

Dental Bridges

If you are missing teeth, we can custom fit a dental bridge to fill a space that your tooth previously occupied.


A well-made set of partial or complete dentures can provide excellent aesthetics and good function when other treatment options are not available.

Dental Crowns

We custom design and place a crown to permanently cover a decayed, damaged or cracked tooth.  With proper care, crowns are designed to last for life.

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