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We believe in…

Personalizing care for each patient

We treat each person the way we’d love to be treated. Not with a one-size-fits-all approach to dentistry, but with personal attention, concierge-level comfort, a personalized treatment plan, convenient options that fit each patient, and compassionate clinicians fueled by intelligence and excellence.

Pursuing mastery for our patients

As evidenced by their premier level of training, Dr. Kottar and Dr. Hong are knowledge geeks and relentless problem-solvers. They feel a deep responsibility to ensure their patients receive the best care available. To that end, they consistently pursue leading edge training, technology, and techniques as they seek to master their clinical craft.

Doing what's right for each patient

People always come before profits. We believe in doing what is right and best for our patients, even if it is not the most convenient or profitable. Trust is earned and long-term relationships are built by honesty, transparency, and putting each patient’s interest before our own.

Delivering precision care for our patients

Good enough is never good enough for our patients. Although complete perfection may not be achievable, we believe patients deserve healthcare professionals who are meticulous and precise, seeking perfection in every aspect of their guidance and treatment.

We are located in the brand-new medical office building on the Mercy Hospital campus.

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